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The Amiga Project

Hello to all amiga fans out there.

I'm an Amiga user since 1988.

Started back in the days with an A500 Ks1.2 512kb exp. card & sampler

Then Updated to A1200 with lots of upgrades.

Years have passed and amiga was stored in 2003. There was a gap of 12 years without the old computer in home.The time has come to raise a family and leave that behind, but no. 

It was time now in 2015 to start restoring my A1200 to something new.

I converted my old amiga to a full Desktop A1200. I named my model ''A1200 HTAC'' (Home Theater Amiga Computer)

After 2 years building my project its almost done. 

Totaly restored and recaped and upgraded with lots of extras 

I have made also an Amithlon Laptop based on Mambos Guide.

I would like to share 2 guides how to build 2 modern adaptations of your favorite computer ever. This site was dedicated to those guides to help other people build their own project. The site in 2018 has expanded with sections about music , Photography , Demoscene , Amiga related artists and many more.

Lets enter to a new chapter of creativity.

Amiga is the 1st ever personal computer that can give you a creative edge...

This is a page dedicated to some unique Amiga users that

keep the Amiga spirit alive till today.

I will try to be as simple as i can to show you

some people that have some skills with their Amiga computers.

Artists from the Photography , Pixel Artists ,

skilled musicians and music producers.

Famous personas and many more.

This page is dedicated to all the Devoted Amiga users

worldwide. Come and join us to new experience

of computing and creativity.

Welcome to


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